Themed Parties? No Thank You.

by - January 27, 2013

Friday morning at work, I walked in to this:

To be fair, we had a work event to attend that night, of which the theme was 1920s. Ugh. Worst theme ever. I did not decide to dress up for this theme, so that either makes me cool because I just am, or a giant asshole who is never a joiner. Probably the latter. Her hair ended up looking awesome by the way. 

It was a pretty boring day at work. All the managers had been in meetings for 2 days leading up to this work thing, so despite some work trickling in, there wasn't much to do. Pair that with it being a half day so that we could make it to the hotel in time to set everything up (yes, not only do we have to PAY a ridiculous price for our own gala, but we have to WORK at it as well), and you have a boring day of waiting. And taking pictures of your leg.

God DAMN I love breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day. I think about it before I go to bed at night, and then first thing when I wake up. I wish I only ate breakfast all day. P.S- my coffee is washed out by the light coming in from the's not a cup of milk. Gross.

Oh hey, here we are! The hotel room was nice. I think I am a hotel snob. Yeah...I am. I have stayed in some really nice hotels.

The drive downtown was pretty magical (and long). What should have taken 20 minutes took an hour because we were in the middle of the prettiest snowstorm. The snowflakes were the big fat kind, and because we were driving amongst super tall buildings and narrow streets, it looked like a giant snow globe. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oh hello there.

Half tree.

I want to marry these shoes. Especially in this outfit.

HA! What? You don't do this?

There we go.


The gala was ok. It seems to get smaller and lamer every year. I won an award this year of those awards that don't actually mean anything...the five year award. It was nice to be acknowledged, even if I did step out to take a wee just before they called my name. OOPS PHEW!

Favorite picture of the night. Cool name tag loser.

Oh boy, these two. The DJs. They were like A Night at the Roxbury meets failed performers. At first I was like WHAT THE FUCK, and then as the night wore on I just felt a lot of pity. Which made me like them just a tiny bit. I pity liked them.

Check out these two babes in the black dresses dancing. Naz and Crystal, you guys are total babes. 

I kind of look like a giant penis head.

Nice bruise. I match the carpet though, so I win!

Oh no, THIS is my favorite picture of the night.

The gala was ending at this point, and this is where we all should have said goodnight and gone up to our respective rooms, BUT NO. We are all fools and decided to go out to the bar and drink some more until 2AM. Well, I had water because I cut myself off. I am smart, and no hangover in the morning!

We woke up to breakfast in bed which was nice. Until I spilled coffee all over the duvet. SIGH. I am like an animal and a small child sometimes. It was ok, I got it out before it stained. 

We ate and watched The Littlest Hobo (anyone remember that show? If you are Canadian, probably!) and then went home where I took a four hour nap. Seriously, two in the morning is the devil to me these days. It is evil incarnate. 

Sunday will consist of me cooking a GOOD breakfast (the hotel one sucked), coffee, video games and a bit of cleaning up before another work week begins. Everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend! We are that much closer to February, and to Spring!!

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