Times They Are A-Changin'

by - January 20, 2013

Last night I was awoken at 3AM by rain whipping against my bedroom window. There had been high wind warnings and it was nice to fall asleep to the sound of the wind blowing through the eaves, but when you add rain into the mix, it becomes quite loud.  I had only ever experienced rain like that once before when I was in Blackpool in the UK: a coastal town. We could see the giant storm coming in from the shore and everyone was hustling to tie things down and secure everything. It was pretty exciting. Falling asleep in a cozy inn in the UK with a huge storm blowing against my windows was pretty much a dream come true for me. 

So last night was nice. Until the thunder and lightening jolted me completely awake. A thunderstorm. In January.

Today it was all about high winds and blizzarding snow. WTF? Cool mood weather!

Dave and I walked through our apartment today and decided to do some major redecorating. Pretty much every room needs something done to it. But our bedroom is the worst. Ugh our bedroom. I am sure I have complained about it on here before, but it is just the most uncomfortable space ever. And every touch I have added to try and make it less so has helped, but only for a short while and then we realize how uncomfortable of a space it really is. So, it's time to really fix things up in there. Which will require some major muscle and a little cash. We will see how it goes!

Part of the reason that I want to have my apartment as comfortable as it can possibly be is because my landlord came up today and told us that we have to start paying hydro. Now, I am not mad about this because that was the original deal we made with him 4 years ago when we moved in (we have no lease, no legally binding papers, it was just all verbal).  But for some super nice reason, he has been paying our hydro this entire time. So I am most definitely not mad that he asked us to do that, in fact, I was expecting it.

BUT, the fact of the matter is now this: we will be paying close to $1300 a month for this place, and I will be damned if I have a bedroom that sucks. When he told us about the hydro, my first thought was that IT BETTER GET WARMER IN HERE. We have not complained about the heating situation for the 4 years we have been here because we haven't been paying the hydro. But now that we have to, oh, you better believe I am going to effing complain. We HAVE to use space heaters in the winter because it is way too cold in here to live. He knows this. We have brought it to his attention numerous times, but have not pushed it because of him paying for hydro. So yeah, this will be monitored and handled accordingly when the time comes for me to pay.

Also, we could probably find another apartment that has the same amenities and more for around $1300, all inclusive, and I guarantee it would be nicer. This is a really old house and things are not brand new you know? And I think that if I am paying THAT much for an apartment, I want a damn good apartment.

This also means that it is time to paint. Our landlord has always scrunched up his face when we talked about painting our place, and although he has never said that we couldn't paint, he has also never encouraged it and has made it very clear that he will be final say in the colours. UHHH NOPE. For $1300 a month I will paint it whatever colour I want to. I could be paying my OWN mortgage with that money, so it's time to be appreciative that you have 1300 EXTRA dollars a month rolling in buddy. 

So that's what we did today....made plans to spruce this place up and make it even cozier than it is. We like living here, it is a great location, we can both walk to work, and every time I do look for another place, nothing feels right. We WILL be here for a long while, so it's time to truly make it as much as our own as we can.

Other than that business of the day, we drank the above bottle of wine (2008 vintage, really good), did laundry, and just relaxed and mentally prepared for the week ahead.

What did you all get up to today?

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