Everybody's Working For the Weekend

by - February 06, 2013

This week has me longing for the weekend. The weather has been crappy (except for today! It was beautiful and sunny) and it has been bumming me out.  Plus these pictures of breakfast last Sunday make me want pancakes and coffee.

So the groundhog saw his shadow, which means early Spring. I hope I hope! I have been feeling the pull of long walks and sunshine for a few weeks now.  Although I really do love Winter and the snow (and hello! Christmas!), I get pretty tired of it by mid January. February ends up just being a bitch to get through.  Survivalist mode, man. I guess it just sucks because Winter here lasts from November to around late March.  If you are lucky.

But on cold days like this past Sunday, when I have an amazing guy making me breakfast, nothing is wrong.  Everything is right with the world. 

When she is not trying to get into the fridge, she wants attention.  Kids, right?

Today was so gorgeous.  Cold, but the sun was shining hard, getting in practice for when the weather around here is 35C (95F) and just the thought of going outside makes you sweaty.  It's ok though, I have become one with the sweat, just as I have with the cold.  One needs to when one lives in a place that has such extreme opposite temperatures. Effing Canada!

I really can't wait to sit on this deck and drink beer though.  And fire up the barbecue! We are expecting a big snow storm tomorrow, so bye bye ground.  Seeing the ground is tricky...it makes you think that things are going to be ok....the snow has melted, the sun is out, it is progressing towards warm days and ice cream dates.  And then BAM! Giant snow storm.

At least there are delicious fluffy pancakes to make life better.

This syrup comes from Norman Jewison's farm.  Thanks for the movies and the delicious Maple Syrup Norm! I didn't even know who that was until Dave told me. I just know the maple syrup is pretty dang good.


Tomorrow will be about a lot of snow, leg warmers, hot coffee, and surviving. Oh, and it's mine and Dave's 8 year anniversary tomorrow.  As well as my good friend's birthday (Happy birthday Shaun!). 

What are you all looking forward to when Spring gets here?

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