I Got You Babe

by - February 02, 2013

This past Wednesday, Jess and Rob came to visit and of course, they brought my little bean with them.

I'm telling you guys, it's crazy how such a tiny being can make you fall so hard for them that it makes your heart ache (in a good way). I'm sure all you parents (and everyone else who loves their friends' kids, nieces, nephews, etc) already know this. I would give my kidney (and more) to this kid if it came to that (it won't, he is healthy and amazing). 

I can't wait for my brother and his wife to have their baby too.  I feel very blessed right now with all these babies in my life (and on the way!), and my heart has grown exponentially in the love that I have for them.  

I posted this on Facebook and my mother said "Looks good on you" and that I should be a mother. HA! Keep dreaming woman! I KNOW that being a parent is the HARDEST job on the planet, and I am not cut out for that. Maybe one day? But probably not ever (so stop dreaming mother) :P

We all went for lunch and when we came back to my house this guy greeted us on my deck. He just wanted a cozy place to sleep the little bugger. So cute. P.S- STOP SHITTING ON MY DECK OR I WILL DESTROY YOU. Just kidding.

He is just the best little man in my life right now. Love him. Have I said that already? Funny story: Dave gets super grossed out by baby barf and shit and just everything that comes out of them. Me? Not so much. Before Jess brought Jackson over Dave had said something like "He better not barf or shit on our couch" (obviously he was joking...mostly).  Anyway, low and behold, Jackson barfed on the couch. Literally two minutes later Dave texted me from work, out of nowhere, and asked, "Did the kid barf on our couch?" HAHAHA! YUP! It was like he felt it happening. Precious.

After Jess and Rob left, Dave and I decided to try out a (kind of) new restaurant in our hood called 3030. We had been wanting to try it for a while, and Dave got a great recommendation from someone at work so we decided to go for it.

It was one of those places. Super trendy, hipster, trying too hard to be cool without wanting to seem like they are trying too hard. And that's fine. Places that are TOO hipster make me want to blow things up because I hate try-hards, but I can overlook it if the ambiance is good and the food is even better.

The beer was good. I ordered the braised beef cheeks with cider glazed spaghetti squash, sauteed dandelion greens and celeriac puree. Their words, not mine. I just want to disclaim something before I begin: by no means am I a 'foodie'. What the fuck does that even mean anyway? You have labelled yourself a foodie therefore you are an expert on all things good in the food department? No. If it taste's good, it taste's good. Sometimes it costs a lot and taste's great, and sometimes it costs five dollars and is delicious. It is so pretentious to call yourself a foodie and arrogantly tell me that your meal cost a thousand dollars and it was the BEST thing you have ever eaten. Please. Did you go to school for that? No, you didn't, so stop being so annoying. Thanks.

Having said THAT, I am not above spending a lot of money on food every so often in order to enjoy the experience of a really good meal. The few times that Dave and I have spent an exorbitant amount of money on dinner and really enjoyed it are memorable moments to us, because if the food tastes good, it lessons the blow of the check at the end of it all. The entire experience as a whole is what makes a good time, because it's a rare thing that we do. So all the players need to be on their game: the atmosphere, the food, the staff, the beer...everything needs to add up to to make it a great thing.

Unfortunately this was not one of those experiences. I also realize that when I complain in the next paragraph, that it is entirely first world problems and I feel guilty even doing it (only a little). Because seriously? Look at this pile on my plate.  The food was horrible. I was so excited to try those beef cheeks because I have always heard that if they are done right, they are really really good. These were not done right (I am pretty sure anyway, I have never had them before, but I can't imagine that anyone would have enjoyed these). They were literally PURE fat on the inside and tough and burnt on the outside. I am talking, it was a giant, wobbly, gelatinous mess hanging out on my plate. The only way I can think of to describe it (and it's gross so don't read on if you don't want to) is by comparing it to ejaculate, or, baby batter if it pleases you. Like when it gets all cold and lumpy and well, sploogy. I know that beef cheeks are super fatty, but TRIM THAT SHIT. NOBODY wants to eat cold man milk. I don't care how much you are getting paid for it. 

The rest of my meal was only sub-par as well, and just not good. The squash was delicious, I will give them that, and our waitress was really, really nice, so that helped a bit in my bitterness about my meal. 

Dave got some sort of black cod, and it was so salty he barely got through it. Want to know how much two beers, two mains and one dessert cost us ? Just over $80. I know. It still kills me that we had to pay that much for a gross meal. BUT, we just aren't the type of people to complain about that kind of thing. I don't like making people's lives difficult (even if we are super nice about it, you know someone is being put out), so we paid up, and even left a good tip. We did get a free dessert out of it all because they were out of the one I wanted so the waitress brought me a free bread pudding. Which I had never had before, and which was SUPER delicious. So there you go, two points for 3030 for a great dessert and a nice waitress.

So we are going back tomorrow to try something else. KIDDING! I don't think I would ever go back there to order food. All the reviews that I read AFTERWARDS said a lot of the same things that I did. That it's just not very good. I definitely learned a lesson here: read the reviews first, duh.

And that's the end.

P.S- I will probably never write a post like this again because I feel super pretentious about even writing this crap. There are starving people out there that don't get to eat anything, so who am I to complain?  

So everyone, go out there and enjoy your food and the abundance of it that we have as Canadians (and everyone else lucky enough to live in non-starving countries), because we are incredibly lucky. Enjoy it even if it's a Big Mac because let's all get real here...they are effing DELICIOUS. 

Just make sure to go for an extra long walk afterwards.

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