Where Have I Been? Winter Ate Me.

by - February 22, 2013

One of my goals for February that I was able to accomplish with lightning speed was to go out and eat some food.  Particularly, some Indian food.

I am not sure why Dave looks so sad about this.

I was super not sad about this as this is my favorite place to get curry in the city.  Also, I tried something new on this occasion and have fallen in love with it.  I am going to marry a dish.  It's called chicken pasanda.  Even the name is cute.  And delicious.

Well I say, sir, kindly eff yourself.

He is the man of only one sad face tonight.

These were the stuffed bread rolls.  They are too good, just too good.

My chicken pasanda.  I am jealous of myself that I got to eat this at one point.

Butter chicken.  Also delicious, but I don't think I will ever eat it again. Not after the above.

That naan is the size of my fucking face.

Sorry for being gone and then being here only briefly.  February is a hell of a month isn't it?  It always knocks me on my ass and then keeps on kicking the crap out of me while I am down. I get through winter in survivalist mode; happy about the Christmas season, and then happy that January is here so I can relax from the craziness of the Christmas season, and then February comes. Where I am tired: tired of the snow, tired of the cold, tired of how stupid and dark it is ALL THE TIME.  I feel like everyone around me feels the same way.  We are all ready for some warmth and sunshine and bugs and barbecues.  February is when winter feels like it has been dragging on forever.  Anyway, you get my drift.  Unless you don't, but hey, I can't explain everything all the time ok? I have a couch that I need to dramatically drape myself on and mourn the sun.

I'll be back in happy form soon, I promise!

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