It's the Little Things

by - March 04, 2013

Well I can't say that I am not enjoying these mornings of being unemployed, where there is no rush to drag myself out of bed and out the door.  

Currently I am sitting at my kitchen table, sun is spilling through my patio doors, and I am enjoying a coffee.

My plants even get some fun time in the sun...i have to take them out of the gloomy bathroom (the only place I can keep them) and find a sunny spot for them for an hour or so everyday.

Although I am quite enjoying all of this time to myself to be productive and/ or lazy if I so choose to be, I DID crunch some numbers last night, and once I start getting unemployment cheques, it will mean that I wil have money.  At all.  All of my cheque will go towards bills and surviving.  And I know that that is what it means to be unemployed, but I don't know how long I can live that way for.  We shall see. I have to call the National Student Loans centre and see what they can do about lowering my monthly payments. I also need to call Sunlife to figure out a monthly payment towards my RRSP and TFSA; the payment I make now is way too expensive for my upcoming income.

Also, my positive handling of the whole situation (which has shocked people I am sure) and my lack of stress about it all, seems to be coming out in more physical ways.  I know my body and I know when it is dealing with stress, so I am doing my best to tell myself to just chill.  Mornings like this certainly help in the chilling department.  I can't wait when the snow is gone and it is warm outside, and I can take the party to the deck.  I figure I can work on my tan at least (maybe, I do enjoy my skin and don't want it full of cancer) and look good for a potential job interview?

It's been a week and it already feels like I never worked there. Weird how those things work.  When I was there, the thought of losing my job seemed like the end of the world, and the stress of that possibly happening was always there, always in the back of my mind, buried deep.  But now that it has actually happened, I feel like I can breathe again.

I can honestly say that losing your job is not the end of the world. More like the beginning of one.

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