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by - March 20, 2013

Happy Spring folks! Well, not around here.  Now, I am not going to complain too much about the fact that Winter is holding on for dear life around here (even though NOW is the time to complain people! Not when Winter is first starting and it's still magical and holidays and happiness), but I AM going to say that this time last year? It was 22C (71F).  I know I know, last year was a freak occurrence, but I could get used to that kind of thing no problem.  Whatever happened to global warming?

But like for any occasion, even a "it's snowing at the end of March/ this blows" occasion, Dave and I decided to go out in the freezing cold and celebrate with a couple of Micheladas and some tacos.

THIS is a Michelada, for those of you who don't know. It's is only the best drink I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. The ingredients all together SOUND off-putting, but I promise you, if you like this kind of thing, it is delicious! Dos Equis beer, celery bitters, Clamato, Worcestershire, hot sauce and a salt rim.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  This may become our Summer beer once Chez Kato/ Dave's Patio finally opens up for the season.

I can't wait until this becomes my daily source of food intake. In the Summer, my blood is replaced with pineapple and strawberries #lazysummerdays.

I tried fresh coconut for the first time and it was ok. Just ok. I don't think I will ever eat it again. And dried coconut just tastes like bark to me. 

My new normal.

I am happy to say that my awesome amazing lazy cleaning schedule is working out very well for me. On Monday I had a huge rush of energy and completely cleaned out/ organized my kitchen before scrubbing it until it was shining. Two giant garbage bags and a few boxes for the curb later, and I feel a little lighter. The schedule didn't work out so well today though. I was powerless against the nap today, and I never nap. And that weird thing happened to me again as I was falling asleep! When it sounds like someone is banging so hard on the door that it is going to break down, only no one is there. It's called Exploding Head Syndrome and it's pure insanity. Fun times. I have only ever experienced it one time before when it was very late at night and I literally was ripped out of sleep thinking that someone was banging on our front door. It's usually followed by a rush of adrenaline so intense that you feel like you can't breath. People's brains are whacko man.

Yesterday my sister dragged me into a store that gained the title as "most depressing store ever. Period". It was a warehouse type store, super messy, super disorganized, and just old and dreary. And we spent 45 minutes in it. I have never wanted to leave a place so badly before.

Oh right, and the ceiling was leaking in multiple different places. Neat-o!

But the reason I went with her is because we went to a shoe factory outlet store and I found a pretty sweet pair of running shoes for cheap! These were originally $90 before tax and I got them for $60 after tax.  I was pretty happy with that. And now I have no excuse not to start running. Oh wait, I do...the sidewalks are covered with ice, I forgot. I may join a gym down the street from me, we'll see. I peeked in there today and it didn't look the greatest. I'll have to do the tour.

I tried on many different brands of shoes for the right fit, and I ran up and down the aisles in them all to test them out. I liked these ones the best because I get a lot of side foot injuries when I work out and these seem to have a lot of support in that area. I don't love the way they look, but hey, as long as they do the job. I wore them already when I worked out yesterday and they were great. Compared to what I was wearing before (Converse, I know). So thumbs up all around so far!

Tomorrow I get caught up on the cleaning schedule, look into some freelance writing options, work out and try to get another day of this winter weather under my belt. Every day is a day closer to the elusive Spring that we can't remember because it has been so long. Hot coffee and yoghurt will help me get through it all, I am sure.

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's almost over so I hope you are all warm and tucked into your beds already! If not, I hope that when you get there you have the best sleeps ever!

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