Up To No Good: Abandoned Barn Edition Part 2

by - March 27, 2013

So, let's explore the spooky barn (it wasn't that spooky).

It was only not that spooky because it was the middle of the day and it was wide open. Throw in darkness and closed spaces and I would have been a lot more scared.  Honestly though, don't you wonder as much as I do, why people just up and leave a home, a barn, even a boat? I understand that people pass away and maybe don't have any family, but it's just so strange.

Clearly, I am enjoying myself. Or, I am freezing to death and can't tell the difference.

There was a lot of stuff left behind. Super crazy that it has all lasted being exposed to the elements like this. I would love to know how long the house and barn have been abandoned for. Also, someone left a cheque in a plastic baggy and a note tacked to the front of the house saying that they took some tires from the boat on the property, or the barn. A CHEQUE. How nice can people be?? It gave my heart a smile I tell you what.

Lots of broken glass. From what though? There was nothing around to indicate where this came from. I know, I think too much...it's broken glass FFS.

Like, that's crazy y'all.

Look at this place! It is huge. Maybe the broken glass was from a skylight? As you can see, the one in the background has definitely fallen to the ground, although I don't remember seeing a skylight above when I first walked in. To be fair, I didn't really look up too much. Probably really stupid.

Oh shit. Not a skylight at all. Just the roof. Jesus Christ Katherine.

I mean, other than being abandoned, can I live here? Look at that view. Never mind that the elements are unforgiving and if exposed to longer than an hour with no warmth you would DIE, it truly is beautiful.

It does look like all the tools have been taken from this toolbox. I wonder if it was salvaged from family/ friends, or stolen? Hopefully the former, but who knows. Tools are expensive and handy. HA! Handy.

Poor thing. It's eyes were missing. It must have crawled in and died during the winter and frozen pretty quickly, otherwise other animals would have got to it. I paid my respects. I love raccoons.

So, the house on the property has been a fail, the barn isn't too exciting, but kind of cool, I wonder what THIS GUY will have up it's sleeve? Stay tuned for an abandoned boat adventure!

Where have you explored lately? 

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