Busy Spring Time

by - April 17, 2013

Hey there friends and neighbours! It seems my blogging did not pick up once I had all the time in the world to blog, in fact, it seems the opposite has happened.

To be fair, school has been taking up a big chunk of my days. Not that I am complaining! I love the program I am in. LOVE IT. I am learning so much already and it's a lot to take in, but for some reason I am not bored and want to study all the time (loser). Have I found my 'thing'? I hope so! I had been wanting to take the natural nutrition course from CSNN for a while now, so the decision to register, even though it was thought out, at the same time it was a 'why the fuck not?' kind of decision too. I figured if anything, it would keep me busy and if I didn't like the career path I could take when I finish in two years, at least I learned something and kept my brain active, right?

Except that I am loving it, and the many career paths I can choose from once I am finished are all things that sound fantastic to me, because they are about helping people. And that is what I have always wanted to do! 

The weather around here lately has left much to be desired. So gloomy and yuck. Yesterday and today have been nice...the sun is shining and the temperatures are finally warm. But it will go back to doom and gloom tomorrow. That's Spring in Canada for you. We were so spoiled last year when it pretty much went from Winter to Summer, no Spring in between. It was glorious.

Flowers are starting to show themselves, to shake off their winter shrouds and be free again, like the rest of us are waiting to do. I can't wait to get out on my deck and start cleaning things up a bit, and plant some more and enjoy warm nights with barbecue and beer.

I can't wait to not have to wear this freaking winter jacket anymore.

Taking this nutrition course has made me hyper aware of how my body works and how the things you put in it work against your body functioning properly. This is a GOOD thing, but at the same time, isn't, because I really like beer and things that aren't necessarily good for me. No, it's a good thing. I can do with not eating pizza or chips for a loooooong time. They can be special treats. But really knowing what eating those kinds of things does to the inside of your body? You can never un-know. And having that knowledge, you would be abusing yourself if you kept doing it. At least I am hoping that sinks in, I need a kick in the ass right now.

I said to Dave that the hardest thing about becoming a nutritionist will be hearing friends and family complain about an ailment or something that I KNOW will be diet related, and telling them to improve their diet by doing this or that and the symptoms will go away (for free mind you. I would tell them for FREE where I would charge strangers 40 dollars an hour for that advice), and they won't want to hear it. They will brush it off, telling me it's not that, it's something else. And I will sigh and write them off as dead to me as far as nutrition advice goes. Hahaha! Just kidding.

Other than school though, I have just been enjoying my life not working. It's still weird to me that I am not, but the time will come soon enough where I will be out there looking for a job. It will be nice to make my own money again.  But for now, I am just going to enjoy it. Who knows where life will take me? At this point, I can do anything I want!

I hope you guys are enjoying your day! I don't ever know what day it is anymore, but I hope that you are enjoying it whatever day it may be!

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