Up To No Good: Abandoned Boat Edition

by - April 01, 2013

I had been dying to get into this boat for as long as we have been trying to get into it's house counterpart.  My parents owned a boat just like this one when I was a kid and we had many an adventure sitting on the bow, holding on for dear life as my dad drove like a speed demon and crashed through the waves.

Again: who just leaves something like this behind?

Unfortunately we couldn't actually get INTO the boat as the floor was completely rotted through. Not surprising as it was just left exposed like this to the elements; in the middle of a huge field. That's the other thing about these kinds of things, the circumstances surrounding the WHY. Who parks their boat in the middle of a field and why? It wasn't an easy trek to get to this guy...maybe that's the answer right there.

Nor was it easy to climb. Attempt number one: note to self, don't take pictures of yourself when climbing things...it will probably make your climb a bit easier. Look at how raw my hands are...it was so cold that day, and being out in the middle of a field with no shelter...yeah, freezing my hands off. Which made them not work very well in their pulling me up duties.

There we go! Better grip and I was able to get my hands under some cover. The rusty old piece of metal I'm kneeling on will support my ass! I have faith it will, and that is all that matters, right?

Got it Down Pat. To get down I sat on my butt and launched myself off. And because it was so cold my brains were in my feet. Gah! Worst feeling ever, but made me feel like a kid again; when I would swing as high as I could and then jump off and land so hard the bones in my feet would buzz.

I hope everyone had a great Easter/ whatever you choose to celebrate/ nothing weekend! And happy April Fools! I think that Mother Nature decided to be a jokester today because I woke up to screaming wind and a bit of snow. After the last few days where it was beautifully warm and sunny, it really is a sick joke.

Today is about getting some things started that I have been wanting to do for a long time, hot black coffee, a workout, and just chilling.

Did any of you plan an April Fools joke and pull it off? Let me know, leave a comment!

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