Unemployment Disorder

by - July 23, 2013

I have learned a few things about myself while being unemployed, and the major thing I was surprised to learn is that I hate being unemployed.

Insane right?

Tell me about it.

I have been working in some capacity since I was fairly young, so it has been ingrained in me from the start that working is a good thing.  And I agree. I have never minded working, and I certainly don't mind making my own money. EI cheques are great and all, but they are not conducive to how my inner P-I-M-P chooses to live.

So even though I have enrolled in a course that I am enjoying thoroughly, which occupies my time and all that, I am still so bored that I want to rip my face off. I was not made to be a housewife (nothing wrong with that people, I'm just more the breadwinning type!). 

It's like I need constant stimulation. My brain is already an overworked crazy thinking all the time mess of insanity that when you put me in a quiet house, with nothing much to do, it makes me feel crazier than I am. I need the outside stimuli to be at the same pace as what's going on in my mind and then I can truly feel balanced. Ahhh....inner crazy matching outer crazy. Bliss.

So, even though I am itching to get a job, and have been for a while now, I'm not an effing idiot. I am taking this time, forcing it upon myself because really...when will I ever get this chance again? Even though I don't even know what day it is anymore because they all blend into one another, and I hate just sitting, I will do it. I will do it for all the people who wish they were in my situation, able to stay home and enjoy their time to themselves.

I'm giving myself until September.  And only because I have some fun things coming up in August to break the monotony. But doing this for a year? No bueno. Can't do it. Plus, I feel very left out of all the complaining about one's job. Instead I complain about not having one, which we all know is just a douchey thing to do in this situation.

For those who want to kill me for this post, please just send me threatening emails instead. Surely I will enjoy reading them and the boredom will go away for a little while. 

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