My Last Two Weeks At A Glance

by - August 05, 2013

Sorry that this post is going to be such a mish mash of photos, but sometimes you have one-offs and they are the only things available to tell the story. And tell my two week long story I shall!

So, I saw a recipe for these things on The Perfect Pear's blog (the beauty who designed my own blog!), and i just knew I had to try them for myself. The ingredients? Two eggs and a banana. That's it. You just jeuj them together and pour them like pancakes. Only I used a huge pan so mine came out a little weird looking! They were delicious though. Syrup need not join the party as the banana makes them super sweet. Next time, I would only use half of a banana I think.

I was having a blah day early last week so Dave suggested we rent a car and go for some Kenzo. You all know how much I love my Kenzo.

Haha, the face.

Driving in the evening, when the sun is just starting to go down, is the best.

And then I received a wonderful surprise from my good friend Indigo Roth! He sent me these two t-shirts to enjoy. You absolutely need to visit his blog and get immersed in his is strange and awe-inspiring. His stories will keep you glued to the screen for hours.

A visit with my best friend John is always such a relaxing, centering time. I don't know what it is about him, and his house even, but I leave there feeling like I have been to the spa for the day. Maybe it's the good conversation. Or maybe it's the cats :P

I love this guy with all my heart.

Someone didn't like the fact that we were sitting beside each other.

Oh right, he of the full length mirrors. The only real time I can see what my entire body looks like. 

He gave me too much wine.

A trip to the drive-in with my sister to see the Conjuring...super fun.

We got there 2 hours early (crazy I know!) so that we could be front row, center, which is what we ended up doing. And then 15 carloads of friends showed up, boxed us in in spots that weren't even spots, parked in front of us, kept their headlights on, sat outside my window and smoked the entire movie (like, 20 people at once) and were just generally annoying and fucking rude. Once I was able to ignore them, after cursing them all with my most gypsy-like curses, I was able to fully enjoy the movie. It was a good one!

There was a giant hail storm here in Toronto 3 days ago, so Dave and I went for sushi. We always go for sushi on the worst rainy nights. It's a comfort thing I think.

On Saturday we visited Toronto's Necropolis cemetery, which was awesome. Full post on that coming soon!

A delicious dinner at House on Parliament, and a view of these blue skies made the day pretty perfect.

Oh right...there was this too. She is touched, that little one.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! It's a long weekend here and the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Warm summer days followed by cool, autumn feeling nights. I'll take it!!

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