The Highschool Yearbook

by - August 08, 2013

Soooo...high school. The place we either loved or hated. I was definitely the latter, and did not enjoy high school at all. Well, I enjoyed the socializing.

Me in grade 10, the year I had my friends cut my hair. I was into Nirvana and had smoked a joint before this picture was taken.
Me and my best friend, who still remains a best friend. What a couple of nerds.
Which is why I am surprised I don't have that many John Hancock's in my yearbooks. Granted, I was expelled from grade 10 right before exams so I wouldn't have been around for the yearbook signing lameness, but grade 9? I was crazy popular in my unpopular, dirty group of friends.

Anyway, here are some of the autographs from a bunch of teenagers who I haven't seen since:

"Kay, (yeah my best friend started calling me Kay and it stuck....sigh) I can't believe I'm the first to write in your book I feel flipping special you are the best friend in the world with the crazyest personality get me material and I'll make your dress. Love me always cause I'll always love you. I won't write a novel Bye. Call me. Keep in touch. Don't have sex behind the gate Love is blind but neighbours aint" (This was not written by said best friend, BTW).

"Katherine (Katy). Hey, how are ya? How was your first year of high school. I hope you enjoyed being a 9er because it's over, done, finished.  Well though we've had a few ups and downs which were mostly my fault (they were all her fault) I still luv ya. You're a great friend".

"Dear Katherine,
I'll sign more later, I gotta go sing (she didn't actually go and sing, I think she just wanted to point out that she was a singer?). Hi I'm back. It was nice getting 2 no U. You've been a great friend. I'll always remember you (we were going to school together the next year so I am not sure why she would have forgotten me over the long summer months).  Call me? You have white marks on your legs"

This next one is awesome:

"Kaferine, IYQ
He's gonna get you (Piggles) (was the nickname of her boyfriend at the time. He was older and cute, and therefore intimidating to me). WATCH OUT HERE HE COMES!!
Art was fun and so were you (joke)
Now onto a more serious note...
No one will ever be like you, you are very unique and for you it's GREAT! Don't lose your touch....k? We'll always be heroine buds, and we'll have pricks on our arms FOREVER! (we did not actually do heroin).
See you in grade 10 (YEHAW!)
P.S. I'll love you forever...I'll like you for always...As long as I'm living...My KAFERINE you'll be".

Awww....come on now.

"Hey Katherine,
Have a great summer and don't do too much acid"  (Hahaha! OOPS!)

This one takes the cake of amazingness:

"Hey Kay,
How's it going? Thanks for all your info on drugs! (I hope your parents read this! Ha!). It's been a blast in science, geo and religion. It's fabulous we both like Floyd, so keep on rockin'. I love you very much and I can't wait to get my braces off if you know what I mean...(she always used to tell me that the first thing she would do when she got her braces off, was that she would french kiss me. French my face off. She never did...) It's been fun discussing guys with you like J.J.J.J.J...(our nickname for the school hottie, Justin Keith. Nice nickname). Remember we'll be science buds forever. This is really corny so don't fuckin' laugh. Don't get too high this summer.
P.S-LIKE MY TWAT? IT'S THE BEST EH?" (oh my god).

And the winner is:

"Come to Dairy Queen and I will treat you right" (from a guy who worked at Dairy Queen. How long do you think it took him to think of that one? Probably all year).

And then yours truly wrote a little note to herself, back then:

"Well Katherine....another 4 years to go. Love Katherine"

Another uplifting note to myself in my yearbook:

"I'm sick of feeling like the faceless one. But that's all changed because I found someone" (nothing had changed. They were song lyrics). Life sucks, so does this marker, so does my bed, so does this stereo, so does everything"
(Please scatter long, drawn out sighs all over yourself while reading the above).

"Hey Kathy (UUUGGHHHHH) How are you I'm great (what is with everyone saying that?) Have fun during the summer" (zzzzzzzzzz)

"Katherine I signed your book for u" (great)

"Hey Katherine! It's me! It was really nice meeting you this year and you better come down to party with us after you move (WTF? I didn't move. I'm pretty sure this guy signed my book thinking I was someone else? I have no idea who it is). Sorry about the messyness, but we're on the bus! Why were you scared?" (another WTF).

"Well it sure has been a blast! Hope to party with you this summer!"

I am sensing a theme here. Everyone wanted to party with me! Said with a shit-eating grin on my face. It's TRUE! I WAS COOL IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! Let me relive my glory days until everyone thinks I am pathetic!!! Oh wait, you already do....

And last but not least:

"Katherine, Well, we've had lots of fun together lately and I'm very glad. Aren't you? I never thought we would get along this well. Always remember- I've got the fuckin' dry heaves! What a geek!" (this one was from my sister, who did not attend my school, but just wanted to leave her autograph loser. The dry heaves business is about a guy who was at a party with us who drank his face off and made a fool of himself. Who will forever be remembered for slurring that he had the dry heaves, and falling out of my sisters' car).

I hope you all enjoyed my walk down memory lane that I cried over because now I'm just old. What are some of the most ridiculous yearbook autographs you have ever received?

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