To the Beach

by - August 03, 2013

A couple of weeks ago Krista and I went to Wasaga Beach to visit my cousin Alex, who had rented a cottage there for a week. It was the perfect day to unwind and relax, and listen to the water and just let all your shit go. At least for that little while.

I love the back of this shirt. Not brave enough to wear it with just a bra (GASP! I AM almost 34 years old people! Haha! Whatever that means), but I am perfectly fine wearing it with my bikini top. Makes no difference I know, my brains are stupid.

It was a perfect sunny day. A perfect, freezing cold sunny day. Normally my kind of weather, but not when one has to be half naked near a body of water. No sir.

Drawn to the sun slats.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to cry. I could spend every day at the beach and be perfectly happy. Fuck the city. I am in the 'hate' stage of my love/ hate relationship with Toronto right now. Nature is calling me, and no I don't have to pee.

It was only around 20C (68F) that day. At the beach, probably 2-3 degrees cooler, on account of the crazy wind. And even though we couldn't go in the water on account of it almost being completely frozen over (I am lying), the sound of the waves and the quiet, man the quiet (as quiet as a windy beach is, but you know what I mean), was spectacular.

Haha. Look at the stupid happiness.

Washed up, old dirty football. I wonder how many dogs had this in their mouths over time?

Icy white skin and icy water. Surprised my extremities aren't turning blue here. It was really cold.

I said these were tide pools. Krista said they weren't. I have no idea actually. I have only ever seen them off the ocean. Can tide pools form off of lakes? Probably not.

Good old sweater over the bikini top. Thank god I always have a sweater on me. It's the 90 year old grandma that lives inside. My sister and my cousins/ kid were off lying on their towels, covered up by blankets and wishing they were somewhere else haha.

These 'tide pools' had been super warmed up by the sun. It was fun to stick your feet in the depths of Antarctica, and then run and submerge your tootsies into the warmest waters of the Caribbean.  

WE FOUND A LEACH. NOBODY PANIC. (I did. Completely).

Hey girlfriend, can you get any more Canadian with your blinding white Summertime skin? I have been kissed by the sunshine people, TONGUED by it, as clearly evidenced here.

Ok ok waves, waves, water blah blah blah. I'll get back to some more abandoned house posts soon enough. Who wants to sponsor this blog to be able to do that full time? Just click on 'Sponsor Me' above. The prices won't kill you, in fact, they will downright TICKLE you. Reasonable Rates Kato is my name, and advertising your crap is my game. Advertise your upcoming movie/ clothing line/ blog/ prince albert here first!!

Only one month left of Summer for the kiddies and all you teachers out there. This girl needs to start seriously looking for a job in this last month better count.

Enjoy it everyone!

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