The Necropolis: Part 2

by - October 27, 2013

Alright...let's get this show on the road. Part two of the Necropolis is here woohoo! I know, you are all so very excited.

War veteran/ hero section.

This chair was attached to the tree so no one would steal it. As if. I wouldn't want to bring ghosties home with me!

Hey there.

This one had a big crack in could see inside. Nothing icky though.

We walked all through a section called the Scattering Area. Scattering of dead bodies? Scattering of WHAT? Ashes? I hope I didn't walk on dead people ashes.

"Happy infant early blest, rest in peaceful slumbers rest"

Killed in the Humber Railway Disaster.

"Harriet and Thomas, children of Thomas and Harriet".

I can't believe we went here back in what? July...August? And I am just getting to posting them now. I don't even remember that summer was here....I am happily awaiting winter.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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