Just Checking In

by - November 10, 2013

Hey there friends and neighbours! Happy Sunday to everyone. 

When it starts getting colder here, there is lots of cuddling on the couch in blankets, and a kitty that stumbles into my lap almost daily, so tired from all that exhausting playing.

Been visiting my folks a lot lately, which is something I love doing, so no complaints here. We tend to drive around a lot and discover awesome spots where we just have to get out of the car and take pictures. I wonder if that's where Krista and I get our exploring habit from?

Speaking of my sister, what a babe!

The three ladies of the fam.

We found some caterpillars. They were on the sidewalk so we had to move them over. They are the cutest things ever until you look at their faces up close *shiver*.

My parents brought us to the best store ever invented anywhere: Apple Land Station. It's pretty ridiculous. It is a Halloween/ Christmas/ bakery/ pumpkin patch/ delicious things store. I was in heaven. Christmas stuff everywhere! And this was in the middle of October people. I know that makes a lot of you furious, but I happen to love it.

My parents are nuts xo.

Oh yeah...they also had this waiting for me when I got to their house. YES. Turkish Delight (with pistachios) ALLLL THE WAY.

Creeper cat.

My nephew is beyond words cute.

When the leaves change, it's time for a walk in High Park.

It's been pretty rainy around here. I am waiting (impatiently) for a little snow. I dragged Dave to a few stores yesterday to look at all the Christmas displays. Another thing I am restless for...I want to decorate. We'll see how long I last!

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