Birthday Shenanigans

by - December 30, 2013

We had to cancel my birthday twice this year: the first time because of the crazy ice storm, and the second time because I was sick as a dog. I was still sick when we finally did go and could only taste about 60% of everything, but I still had a great time!

I got this card in the mail from my mama and daddy for my big day. The big 3-4. I'm getting up there people! Closer to 40 every year haha. I don't mind too much I is just a number (or so I keep telling myself). Anyway, the card was perfect...they definitely found one that matched everything about me!

And inside was a gift certificate for two to the King Edward Nutcracker tea! Come on! High tea and Christmas rolled into one? I can't handle it.

Smelling the selections of tea from the humidor. I chose a berry tea. I don't normally go for fruity teas, but when in Rome right? Or at high tea I guess.

Pink tea! My heart sings.

My date.

We got some champagne on the house!! That's right, because we are ballin'. (It's really because my mom complained about something..haha! Thanks mommy!).

The menu:

Beef Wellington Inspired Puff Pastry Pinwheel  
Lemon and Dill Crab with House Cured Salmon 
Deviled Chopped Egg with Pimenton 
Festive Spiced Duck Confit on Cranberry Sage Stuffing 
Slow Roasted Honey Ham with Clove Infused Pineapple Chutney 

Sticky Carrot Toffee Pudding 
Traditional Sherry Trifle Shooter 
Apple Mincemeat Tartlet 
Peppermint White Chocolate Mousse 
Orange Infused Millionaire Shortbread 

Cranberry and Candied Citrus Peel Scones 
Served with Devonshire Cream and Strawberry Jam

Damn that Devonshire cream is the bees knees.

Huge tree in the hotel lobby. I love the King Eddie. And the abandoned Crystal Ballroom I infiltrated!

Stuffed full of tiny, too rich portions of things. And very happy. Thank you again mama! I love you!

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