Job Hunting Equals The New Modern Struggle

by - January 22, 2014

Looking for and finding a job is kind of like this:

The prospect of something new should be exciting right? You are more than willing to jump right in, get wet, and enjoy the smooth feeling of a job well....found. Instead, it ends up being more like the proverbial lamb being led to slaughter. 

I have applied for a countless number of jobs as of late, seriously, the amount is ridiculous, and I have received two callbacks. Two. It seems that someone with a university degree and 6+ years experience in the field I am applying in, is just not good enough. It's funny because my mother is also looking for a job at the moment and she was stating how all the jobs she sees require a university degree and a whole host of other skills. The pay? $12/h. She was appalled. A university degree at $12/h. Yup mom, that's how it is these days. A degree means nothing.

So, I am trying to keep my chin up and my spirits high. It would be nice to find something on my own, without having to resort to a placement agency (who take a cut), but it's also nice that if it comes down to that, the option is there. My unemployment runs out at the end of April, so I am hoping that around 3 months of applying, following up and calling and harassing will get me something decent!

In the meantime, anyone want to give me a job? I have mad skills.

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