A Day in the Life

by - February 06, 2014

Yesterday was a busy day! Let us go through it shall we?

7:30AM-9AM- Woke up, ate breakfast, and got ready for 2nd interview/ testing. I made sure my hair wasn't a big ol' mess like it was during my first interview.

9AM-11:30AM- Took the bus, and trudged through the snow (where I was snowblind!) towards the interview/ testing location. Made it with two minutes to spare and did my test which took an hour and a half. 

P.S- I aced it by the way!

11:30AM-12:30PM- Rode the slow moving bus home. Really slow moving. Toronto was experiencing a crazy snowstorm.

12:30PM-1PM- Ate my lunch of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and chicken.

1PM- Checked on the snow accumulation. All that snow was pretty much from this one storm! 

1PM-2PM- Worked on some blog stuff and wrote a journal entry about my day so far.

2PM-2:30PM- Packed my bag and my homework for the next few days as I was on my way to Brampton to look after the hair magician's daughter from Thursday-Saturday.

2:30PM-3PM- Just hanging out, waiting for my sister to pick me up.

3PM-5:30PM- Drove to Brampton with Krista and her boyfriend. What normally takes around 25 minutes took 2 hours because of the storm.

At least the sun came out at the end of it all.

5:30PM-9PM- Had dinner and sat around the table enjoying a nice bottle of wine. After the busy day I had, it was a nice way to unwind.

9PM-9:30PM- Got myself ready for bed! And by 9:30PM, I was fast asleep. Yes, at 9:30PM. I was exhausted!

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