A Snowy Saturday

by - February 01, 2014

Dave and I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Which was a teensy bummer since yesterday we had a glimpse of Spring (not really, but for around these parts, it was warmer).

I knew this storm was on it's way, so I made sure that all of our errands were done last night...while it was still fairly nice out. Who wants to trudge through wet snow to go grocery shopping? So it was nice to wake up to this, knowing that all we were choosing to do was go out for breakfast, and enjoy the snow a little bit as we went.

It'll be 9 years with this guy on Friday! 

I did this with my mind.

Check out the comparison...apparently I can only make snow move every 3 years. It just takes so much out of me. Also, holy difference in appearance!

Remnants of the big ice storm of 2013. That happened on my birthday.

We went to our all time favourite place of course: Cool Hand. It was packed. And delicious.

Their mango-orange juice is the best thing ever.

And then we went home with our fancy coffees and watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Because we are lame like that.

Tonight I am working out, making my homemade (healthy) Nong Shim soup, and investing in a serious cup of hot cocoa. 

What are your plans on this lazy (for us anyway) Saturday?

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