First Week Down

by - February 14, 2014

Although my first week of work was only three days long, it felt like an entire 5 days! Am I allowed to say that yet? The week was definitely busy, not just because of work, but because of other things, like you know, LIFE. I personally think that when you are living life, you shouldn't have to work. Make sense? I know.

So I have to dress up for this job. I went out and spent an EXORBITANT amount of money on clothes and have already gotten in shit twice for my choices not being office-y enough. Oh well. live and learn.

I am in love with these but they destroyed my feet. I have to break them in by wearing them around the house I think, and not the office where I can't take them off.

We FINALLY changed our room around and we love it. The way we had it (for five years) was so uncomfortable and just didn't make for a nice bedroom space. We never wanted to be up there. But now it's fantastic and we love it. It still needs a bit of work; like a new duvet so we can get rid of the college dorm comforter that Dave loves, and the white plastic set of drawers need to go stat!

So much space to work out now. Before I had to duck and constantly pay attention to where my arms and legs were at all times. Now, freedom baby!

Second day of work selfie! 

Today, third day of work. I am settling in nicely, despite a few glitches along the way. 

How can I complain too much when I have my own office?

Bored at lunch. There is a couch in that room, and it's always empty. I considered setting my alarm and taking a nap....

Shoe (Frye) porn.

In other news...a power tool ate my finger. Not because I am helpless around them, but because I am just that badass. 

We are going out for grilled cheese tonight! Gourmet grilled cheese, I can't wait! I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's day/ V-day/ singles day/ long weekend/ whatever the hell you choose to celebrate or not celebrate weekend!

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