Matt & Nat

by - February 26, 2014

In celebration of my new job, I wanted to reward myself by buying a new bag (such a girl). I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be a higher quality one that would last me a long time. Gone are the days where I used to buy $20 bags from Bentley every couple of months because they would fall apart on me. Not that there is anything wrong with $20 bag from Bentley!

I figured I would check all my favourite stores for bags: Danier Leather, Fossil, and a recent new store that I love (and got my Frye's at), Capezio Shoes, thinking I would get a good quality leather bag. 

But then...

I discovered a brand called MATT & NAT at Capezio, and I fell in LOVE.

They make superior bags. I mean, gorgeous. And when I saw that they were all vegan and 100% recycled materials...I was sold.  As a person who feels guilty for eating meat, this makes me very happy.

Even Mikah loves it, even though it doesn't smell like leather (which makes her drool all over it when it does).

No they did not pay me to write this post. I just love this bag, and all their bags, that much. I bought mine at Capezio Shoes at the Eaton Centre.

What do you guys think of eco-friendly, vegan bags?

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