What's in My Bag

by - February 27, 2014

Now that you know what bag I currently am in love with, let's take a look at what's inside my bag shall we?

Like any girl (or boy), I have everything I need in my purse to get me through the day. Our purses are our sanctuary, where all our secrets and potions and STUFF is. In my purse, I have:

1.  Mittens and a toque
2.  A book to read
3.  My wallet
4.  My employee badge on a lanyard
5.  My sunglasses in a case
6. A Fossil clutch that contains all my trinkets and accessories I need to feel human.

In my Fossil clutch you will find:

1.  Life Brand Clear action oil absorbing sheets
2.  A Revlon nail file
3.  A tampon (duh!)
4.  Candies
5.  A Nexcare band aid
6.  My Bach's Rescue Remedy
7.  The Body Shop's Lemon body butter hand cream
8.  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
9.  My Roll up the Rim free coffee from Tim Hortons!

And in my inside pocket I carry:

1.  My passport
2.  My camera
3.  Two sets of earphones (?)
4.  Keys to a friend's house
5.  Prescription calm me the eff down pills
6.  Instructions on how to get to my best friend's house in Timbuktu 

What do you have in your purse? Do you think I have too much crap, or not enough?

Do I carry to much stuff in my bag?
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