Day in the Life: Sunday!

by - March 13, 2014

8AM- rise and shine!!

8:30AM- ok, actually get out of bed now.

8:35AM- feed the hungry, screaming mouths that are my cats.

8:40AM- Notice that it is a beautiful morning!

8:45AM- beautiful but cold! Time to turn on the 'fireplace'.

And wait for Dave to get out of bed.

9:30AM- Dave is up yay! I am already dressed, waiting for him to get himself ready to go out.

10AM- Breakfast at Tim Horton's. Getting up early means sausage breakfast sandwiches!

10:30AM- Mattress shopping at The Brick! So excited!

10:45AM- Testing those babies out.

11L:30AM- new mattress purchased, papers signed, and we are outta here.

12PM- Decided to drive to Orangeville, just because.

1PM- had lunch at the best place ever, Guest Wok! I worked here for 7 years and I miss it. It was a great place to work.

2PM- Back in the car, just driving around.

2:30PM- asked Dave if I could drive, even though I don't have a license. Surprisingly he said yes. So I drove around for 15-20 minutes. Going *gasp* 80KM/h!! I was a bit scared, but we are still here.

3PM- needed to eat my feelings about driving so got a jelly-filled sprinkled donut.

5PM- back in the 'hood, Zipcar is dropped off, and headed home.

5PM-6:30PM- did my stinking taxes.

6:30PM-7PM- made garlic lemon spaghetti for dinner.

7PM-8:30PM- ate that delicious garlic lemon spaghetti. And then Dave tidied up.

8:30PM-9PM- Wrote in my journal.

9PM-10PM- relaxing with my love (and Netflix) before bed.

All of my days are this busy. Very rarely do we have a sit on our butts kind of day these days. I guess I did sit on my butt for a year! 

What are your weekends usually like? Busy, or for relaxing?

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