In the Spring Time, the Only Pretty Ring Time...

by - March 11, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of helping to pull off a big event at work. It was an award luncheon, and 100 people attended. What a thing to be thrown into right when I started the job! But it was all good and a lot of fun. AND I got to go hang out in a greenhouse during work hours and pick out table centrepieces. It was a nice breath of Spring.

It  was 10C today! Definitely felt like a taste of things to come ( day), but tonight it is dropping back down into the minuses and we are getting 15cm of snow. Sigh. So in homage to the little bit of Spring we experienced today, I give you these beautiful spring time pictures.

I hope everyone is enjoying some warmer weather these days and for us travels into work tomorrow morning!

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