My Week in Instagram

by - March 01, 2014

My week in Instagram. And what a week it was, I guess. It's still crazy to me that I am a working woman now, after being off for a year, but so far it's been great. It's kind of scary how quickly we get back on the bike after we fall off (for a year haha).

On this day, I discovered I lost my little change pouch that had all my bus tokens in it. I lost 14 tokens, which means I lost $40 worth of bus tokens. So I had to walk home that day, which took me over an hour. But I made the best of it and enjoyed the warmer weather.

It felt like Spring! Such a tease since it went back to -25C below.

Last Saturday I had to go and renew my health card (what a thing to do on a Saturday morning), and although it was freezing, it was a gloriously sunny day, and I couldn't help but take a picture.

I was in and out of Service Ontario in 15 minutes too. SCORE!

They love their little 'fireplace'.

I get to sit beside it and enjoy it's warmth as well when I am doing my favourite thing ever on a Sunday.

I eat in the cafeteria at work and I try to grab a window seat when it's sunny (when I can, they go quick). Because really, that view.

And because the sun.

A very lovely woman that I work with brought home some treats from Taiwan, They were delicious and I wanted more than just the one that I got. She must have read my mind because she gave me good!

I was studying one night and realized that my nails matched my notebook almost exactly.

First time buying lunch at work and it was really tasty, albeit expensive. I guess they can charge that much in a hospital. People need to eat.

I had just had a frustrating training session before this. Thankfully that is all ironed out, but damn....I was in need of a break after that. Hence the face.

And that was my week! I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend folks!

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