Sweet Weekend

by - March 13, 2014

Last Friday at work was a good one! I was busy, which I happen to enjoy, it was jeans day (so pathetic that that makes me happy these days), and the coffee was good. My office is starting to feel like my own and oh yeah, I am in the hospital monthly newsletter haha!

It was such a nice afternoon on Friday that I decided to walk home. It takes me a little over an hour but the exercise is good and so is the music. The sunshine made me very happy!

Beer on a Friday night is always a good thing.

I also made a delicious dessert of fruit salsa and cinnamon crisps. Quite tasty.

Saturday morning we got up early and decided to head to the new mall that's still being built pretty close to us. Only a few stores were open but it was a fun adventure all the same.

Pier One was open though, and I LOVE Pier One.

And then we got to run downtown and babysit my little nephew for a couple of hours while my brother and Sara went out for a baby-free dinner. It was heaven! Look at that face!

My baby nephew! from Kato Kaka on Vimeo.

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