A Summer List

by - June 24, 2014

I am on a Summer kick since it's the beginning of Summer! Summertime is all about long drives, sunshine, and green! Lots of green! So in homage to to the warmest months, here are my top ten favorite things about Summer!

1.  Ice Cream- I want to eat all the ice cream in the world...all the time.

2.  Barbecues- forget cooking inside...too hot!! Meat over a fire is the best way to eat it ever (sorry vegetarians, I love you guys!)

3.  Green grass- it's like a soft carpet that I want to lie on....even if it does make me sneeze! I love the sight of a beautiful bed of grass.

4.  Summer naps- all that heat and running around and playing? Yes, summertime calls for afternoon naps on Sundays (and any day...).

5.  The beach- since it gets to pretty tropical temperatures here, lying on a beach in the heat only to jump in the freezing cold waters of a lake is pretty heavenly.  If you are brave you jump right in...I do it the hard way and go in slow!

6. Summer fruit- there is nothing better in the world to me than summer fruit.  So many colors, so many flavors, and just plain delicious.

7.  Beer on a patio- no explanation necessary.

8.  Campfires- S'mores and roasting marshmallows anyone?  Sitting around a campfire with the ones you love is pretty close to being 'it' for me.  It really is the best. Plus, it keeps the mosquitoes away! (sort of).

9.  Sunshine and heat- I will admit that the first few days of 30+ degree weather kind of kills me.  But once I have acclimatized to it, I don't mind it at all.  Toronto gets a lot of heat alerts in the Summertime, so you can imagine just how hot it gets! (I know it's not as hot as other places in the world!).

10. Plenty of walking- It seems like all I do is walk when summer comes around. It is the most enjoyable form of exercise for me.  Except on those days when it feels like 40C, on those days it's all about staying inside with a very cold drink, and taking a nap.  See # 4 above.

What do you love most about the Summer time?

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