My Week in Photos

by - June 22, 2014

This week was fairly fruitful (I really did eat a ton of summer fruit this week, so pun intended), and it all started with a little positive thinking. I had to pass this every morning on my way out the door and just this little reminder made me do my best to have an excellent week!

We had our first major thunderstorm in Toronto this week.  It was pretty scary looking, and the skies opened up while we were a minute from home. We ran like the dickens and weren't quite drowned rats in that minute we got caught in the downpour. It was nice to get inside and dry off and enjoy the storm from the safety of home.

This is part of my every night ritual.  She LOVES her cuddle time in bed before we all drift off to sleep. I can't imagine my nights when this one decides to leave us (hopefully not for a long time!).

The meeting rooms at my work (called Sunrooms) are so gorgeous right now, what with their almost 360 degree views that I just had to take a picture. I was on the top floor this past week and thought that being above the trees was pretty cool.

The grounds of my work are pretty decent as well. Twenty-seven acres of woods and rivers and flowers and grass.  I'm a lucky girl.

And a rooftop garden.

Which I thoroughly enjoy everyday.

This past Friday night and into Saturday afternoon I got to look after my friends' dog.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever met and I hope I am asked to look after her again sometime.

Fun at the dog park.  For all of us!

My wisteria has root rot, I believe because I over watered it.  I had to dig up the thick roots and trim back the ones that were rotting.  I replanted in a better draining pot and I have my fingers crossed that it comes back!! I love that plant!

Barbecuing on the deck is a staple at this time of year.  

With some beer of course.

Summer fruit is back! I dream about this all winter and I always buy too early and they are dull and lifeless.  And then one day we get a batch that are the best tasting strawberries ever, and I know that summer is really here.

Just hanging out, enjoying the outside world.

Coffee on the deck in the morning is definitely a luxury that I appreciate.

Especially with that view.

Afternoon snacks of avocado and cottage cheese is a new discovery I have fallen for.  So good!

Homemade ice cream with just strawberries, bananas and a little bit of coconut milk is a treat.  Especially when it's freaking hot like it was today!

Tonight is all about relaxing on the couch with my love, watching a movie, and mentally preparing for the work week ahead.  One week until I am on vacation woohoo!

I hope you all had an excellent week yourselves and that the upcoming one is even better.


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