Toads and Other Things

by - June 18, 2014

The things you see while on a run on the rail path.  I tweeted this to Flea from the Chilli Peppers and like the complete loser I am, he ignored me.  Maybe he didn't like the deflated 'F'.

Has anyone else been ridiculously tired this Spring?  Dave and I actually argue about this because he thinks I get enough sleep but I am telling you man...I am a tired girl these days.  I had more energy in the winter. Anyone else?  There is a really nice girl who works at the caf at my work and we got to talking about it and she is the same.  So I am not completely alone in this!  Granted, I do have allergies, so maybe that's whats been killing me.

Days like this are the best though!

Whoa.  See? Tired mess all around.  BUT, I was getting my hair done so there is an excuse for that at least.  The face, I got nothing.

I did cut off a ton of hair though.  It felt (and looked) great when I did it, but now I am too tired to do anything with it so it just looks like crap on my head.  Need to change this before people get used to seeing me like this.

Barbecues with friends is what the Summer is all about right?

And catching toads.  That too.

I hope you are all shining bright and full of sunshine and lollipops!


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