Weekend Warriors

by - June 30, 2014

Well hey there friends and neighbors.  So I am jobless again. Yup. Just like that.  But it's ok, and I am ok.  I really grew to hate that job.  It was the most un-challenging, un-stimulating job I have ever worked.  So it's a bit of a blessing in disguise. On to the next!

This weekend was a good mix of lazy and busy.  It was so super hot this weekend that it took a bit of acclimatization to get used to it, but once you were ok with being a sweaty beast just standing outside, than all is well.

Speaking of beasts, this one sure does love her food. 

After a full day on Saturday of movies and lounging, this guy convinced me to go and get some ice cream.

And ice cream we got.

Along with a little bit of immaturity in the park.

Sunday, despite the rising temperatures (36C with the humidity) we decided to go for a walk for some coffee and to check on my friends cat.  This required a bathing suit top underneath a tank top.  Yes, I am 34-years-old and dressing like a teenager.  Too hot.

Happy Pride! I hope everyone had a safe and fun week!

I was melted at this point.  And we had just started on our journey.

Sweet nectar of the gods.

Dave was cranky today and I kept calling him out on it which made me laugh a lot.

Cat checked on.  

His and hers.

It was too hot to cook so we went to our new spot.


This helped.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Tomorrow, it's all about the job hunt. Can't wait!

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