The Old Mill Toronto: 2

by - July 24, 2014

We decided to check out the lounge and have some wine and cheese as a snack. Want to know how much I paid for two glasses of wine and some cheese? $60. Yes. I died a little too.

But it was a nice snack, a nice place to relax, and it was worth it.

Happy birthday Dave!  It still blows my mind that I started going out with this guy when he was 22...just a baby!


I am teaching the room nothing.

I would hate my teacher if she taught like that.

Ah yes, dinner! We lucked out in that the restaurant there was doing Summerlicious!  A three course meal for $35? Yes yes and yes.  

Watermelon and spicy crab gazpacho (mine).

Mixed berry salad with baby spinach, frisee (Dave).

BBQ braised beef brisket (Dave).

Blackened Bronsini fish (me, and SOOOO yummy).

Warm fudge brownie tart (Dave).

And for me the French macaron trio, which I cried over they were so good.

And then back to the room to stretch out and relax.

A little more exploring.

And then night nights.

If you ever need an awesome place to stay in Toronto and you don't want to be right downtown, The Old Mill is my suggestion....we loved it!

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