The Old Mill Toronto

by - July 22, 2014

A few weekends ago it was Dave's 32nd birthday, so I decided to surprise him with an overnight stay at The Old Mill Hotel here in Toronto.  We stumbled upon this place a couple of summers ago and had wanted to stay there ever since.  For that magical blog post, click here.

We first went out for breakfast at our favourite spot...that's right, Cool Hand.  Where else? I should be paid by them the amount that I mention them haha.  Paid in food.  Because they are that delicious.

After breakfast, a quick trip home to wait for our car reservation, and then off to the hotel!

It was a perfect summer day.

And the hotel was everything we could have asked for.  It was pretty perfect actually.

There was soft jazz playing throughout the entire room, even in the bathroom!  Which was luxurious.

Oh hey hey!

There was already ice in the bucket, and our bed was turned down when we came back from dinner.

The hotel is situated in such a spot that you would never know you were in Toronto.

Getting ready to explore!

After Dave fiddles and finds the classical music station.

It was like a slice of heaven.

Stay tuned for part 2! Where we explore the inside and we also eat!How riveting!

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