To Jessi's We Will Go

by - August 05, 2014

Two weekends ago (?) I had the utmost pleasure of visiting my other family, Jess, Rob and their little one Jackson (who is not so little anymore!).  I hopped on a train and then a bus and then eventually Jess's car to make the 3 hour long trek to my love's home out in the middle of nowhere.

Jack and I had a lot of fun walking together.  Well, I walked, he enjoyed the ride.

Maybe a little too much.

Jess and I had a bit of a girly day with manis and pedis on the menu (thanks Rob! You are the best husband ever!).

And then we chipped/ ruined those lovely nails by taking a trip to the frigging arcade.  Damn right.

Cats in things.  

Then we went to the beach!! I forgot how much we actually did this was pretty jam packed with fun!

Oh dear the cuteness.

Dave met Jess and I in Orangeville, so he could take me home. And this is where I discovered these French macarons! Oh god, I was in heaven.

Sorry for the quick post friends, but I am sitting at work right now. That's right, I found a job! More on that business later. Talk to you soon!

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