Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

by - September 01, 2014

Last weekend we decided to cross another one off of our Summer list and check out Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

It was so freaking awesome, and so freaking PACKED.  We went at 8:30PM thinking that we would beat the daytime We didn't. Turns out there are nighttime crowds too.  But we still had a blast!

$30 per person gets you some pretty cool insights into some pretty cool things. Like sharks!

And octopi! Giant ones!

I mean come on, I wanted to live in that tank.

Dave and James, contemplating life.

This one is my favourite...the tropical fishies.

The best part was the moving floor! That took you into and under and beside a huge tank with sharks and all kinds of neat creatures, swimming above you, and all over the place. It was pretty much a 360 degree view of under the sea.

Oh hey there cutie!

My FAVOURITE!!! I have been in love with sea horses almost my entire life, when I learned that the boy sea horse carries the babies. I even got a tattoo of one when I was 12 (since covered up), that's how much I love them!

And these guys, this was just magical.

I completely missed taking a picture of the back lit, pulsating shark eggs, and when I got to pet a stingray! It was a pretty amazing moment, and they feel like silk...not slimy at all. 

All in all, it was money well spent. What aquariums have you been to? And what kinds of things do you plan on doing to wrap up your summer?

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