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by - September 14, 2014

I have been completely enjoying life as of late, what with my awesome job and the cooler, Fall-like weather.  My desk at work is always a work in progress, but so far its my comfy little space that I have made my own and I love it.

FINALLY got my hair done, thank god. The first picture it's pretty much brown (ugh), but my lovely hair magician made it all pretty and blonde again. I always feel human when my hair is just freshly done.

All along the street in front of my work they put these new planters and planted pretty fall flowers in them. This made me happy when I was walking in to work one morning.

Okay. Okay.....okay. CHRISTMAS ALREADY!!!! Notice how I did not put question marks, because this does NOT make me angry! I know all of you are going to want to punch me in the boob now, but hey, I am the Christmas Queen and my heart is made of garland and twinkly lights.

Second favourite, HALLOWEEN! I love, love, love Halloween. I love the month of October in general. Dave and I have our horror movie marathons on the weekends, I watch the entire Harry Potter series, cook things from my Harry Potter cookbook, and basically just live in spookiness and zombies.

More Christmas. To be fair, we were in Michael's, and they put stuff out early so that people can get a head start on their crafting projects (I worked at Michael's for a few years, favourite job!).

A touch of Fall.

Go big or go home I say.

This past Friday we went and visited Dave's folks in Orangeville and it was cold enough to have the fireplace on. It was heaven.

Of course when we are in Orangeville I have to get my macarons. OBSESSED.

Because it's been so chilly here lately, especially at night, it was time to replace our old space heater (R.I.P) with a new model. I loved the look of this wood stove one, so ours it became.

The cats were certainly happy to have their magic warm thing back.

I am happy to get to wear a toque!

So I bought Dave one of his Christmas presents early, and I got us him a PS4. Throw in a bean bag chair, the warmth of the space heater, some cats, and you pretty much have my favourite place to be ever.

I desperately want these. Anyone in the States want to send me some? We don't have cool stuff like that here. I will send you something back that you have always wanted! Let's do a fun swap!

To satisfy my pumpkin spice desires, I went and got my first pumpkin flavoured thing today from Starbucks (a frappuccino), and it made me happier than it should have.

Tonight is about relaxing before work tomorrow, a yummy dinner, and getting a workout in before getting into a pair of warm cozy pjs. How do you spend your Sunday nights?

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