October Halloweenie with Tiny Prints

by - October 06, 2014

I'm not going to lie here: Fall is my second favourite season after Winter.  I love everything about it: the changing colours, the pumpkin spice everything (basic white girl, I know), the scarves, the jackets, YES!  All of it!

One of my favourite things to do is to visit Downey's Farm in the fall.  All the pumpkins are out, the sun is shining but its still cool out, and the pumpkin donuts....did I mention the pumpkin donuts?

There is something about the change of season, especially here in Canada. We know that in order for Spring and life to cycle around, things need to die, or go to sleep. And how pretty they are when they do so. I almost feel like Fall, and then eventually Winter, are like a blanket, dimming the world and slowing it down, forcing it into reflection and even peace.

And there's always boots. 


One thing I absolutely love about the holidays is holiday cards! And Tiny Prints has those. Lots of them. And they are so simple to personalize and send out to all your friends and family!

Plus, it is not too early to start your Christmas card preparing and purchasing! 

Do you send out personalized cards? I send out cards but I think this year it would make the holidays even more special with personalized ones. I know I love getting them! Wouldn't it be fun to send each other holiday cards? Who cares if we have never met! It's always so nice getting mail, especially around the holidays.  Let's be holiday card pals! Email me at pandorah7@gmail.com and we can exchange addresses and receive each other's holiday mail whether it is a letter, a card, a note, or even a list to Santa. Let's make them special this year!

What's your favourite thing about the holidays? Halloween or the holiday season?

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