October Resolutions

by - October 06, 2014

So, I got into a rut. A year long rut. A lazy, food frenzied, no more working out rut. And I feel it. As do my thighs. I put on a whopping 25 pounds from October 2013 to now.

But you know what? I'm ok with this. Because I always knew I would return to working out and eating healthy. Sometimes we all stumble (right into a vat of fast food and sugar), and it's fine. It's no use beating yourself up about it and being stuck in a vicious cycle.

Start slow. I am starting with two workout days a week, and doing my best to eat healthier. We always try to do this thing way too fast, wanting instant gratification, and unfortunately for a weight loss/ healthy journey, it does not work that way. As a nutritionist in training as well as a weight yo-yo-er, I KNOW this.

So, in an effort to be accountable, I have vowed to lose five pounds by early December. That's right, just five pounds. An achievable goal. That's another thing we make the mistake of doing is making unattainable goals. Nope, not this gal. Five pounds or bust baby. And I know I can do it.

And you know why?


I want to look DAMN good in my holiday dress.

So, I am currently 155 pounds. Yup, now you know. And by early December I will be down to 150. And then I will work on it from there. I can use all the encouragement you have!

I love you all, let's do this thing! Together!

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