by - October 19, 2014

I really wanted to see the leaves in all their glory this year, so despite the bit of rain we were experiencing yesterday, Dave and I took a drive to Mono Cliffs to see all the beautiful colors on display.

And Nature did not disappoint.

How lucky are we that we get to experience this every year? Just like Winter, Autumn is a time of reflection for me, as things go to sleep, getting ready for the next cycle in their lives.

We stumbled across a little cemetery on our travels and decided to explore. You guys know my love for cemeteries: quiet places, full of lives that were once here but are now at rest. 

So pretty.

Yay leaves!

It was so frigging cold out yesterday, but man, it felt good to be alive!

I mean, look at those colours.

At least they had full lives.

Dave was really cold.

I was certainly not dressed warmly enough.

This one made me sad.

Sometimes you need to just sit and think about the changes in your your life working for you? What could be better? What can you fix? Always remember can always be worse. That is my life motto.

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is about protein shakes, working out, and chilli in the crockpot that is already smelling super delicious. It's cold here today, so cozy pajamas and space heaters are what's up.

What's your favourite thing about Sundays?

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