All Things Holidrizzle

by - November 09, 2014

It's been pretty rainy around here lately. Sometimes there is snow mixed in with that rain, which DOES make me happy! Even though I don't have a proper winter jacket yet this year, I still say bring it on Mother Nature.

These rainy days make for some beautiful sunsets as I am leaving work.

And with the weather slowly changing (I have a feeling when it hits though, its going to be BRUTAL), it has been lovely to relax after a yummy dinner with the lights and the space heater on. I am already completely into the holiday spirit, I am just waiting until after Remembrance Day, and then it's ON. T-minus 2 days!

Our awesome friends Di and James are in Thailand for five weeks, so we have been stopping in to give their kitty lots of love and snuggles. He has me completely wrapped around his tiny claw, and I love him.

His claw is probably the only tiny thing about him haha.

Since that snow is definitely on its way, I thought I should probably buy myself a pair of winter boots. My boots from two winters ago only lasted for two winters, and they were the most uncomfortable things ever, so I was glad to see them go. These babies though, cute and practical. We'll see how they do in the ice and snow! I haven't had a pair of Grizzleez before, but, they ARE Canadian made, and we do know winter, so here's hoping.

We went grocery shopping today and EVERYTHING Christmas is out in the grocery stores, which DOES NOT make me mad. I love it. I haven't heard Christmas music yet which is surprising. We did find this bag of Angie's Holidrizzle Dark Chocolatier Sea Salt Popcorn.  I honestly bought it because of the name: Holidrizzle HA! We shall see how they taste. 

A bit of eggnog (with rum) before Remembrance Day never hurt anyone right? So bad for you, but so good. 

Next weekend we start our Christmas shopping, although I have done quite a bit of online shopping already. It's exciting getting packages in the mail, even if they aren't for me. 

Tonight is about getting a workout in, relaxing, and mentally preparing for the work week ahead. 

Do you tend to get an early start on Christmas shopping, or wait until the last minute (like I used to)?

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