Christmas Past

by - November 23, 2014

It's certainly amazing to look back on Christmases past, to see how much we've grown and physically changed. We've come a long way from then. Let's take a walk down memory lane to some of my past Christmases, shall we?


We mostly celebrated this Christmas at Jessica's house. We decorated her tree and drank and sang Christmas carols. I don't think we have any pictures of our own apartment from this Christmas.


I attended my sister's work Christmas party this year, back when she worked at Home Depot. This was also the year that Dave got me my Macbook Pro. I am a very lucky girl indeed! Our Christmas tree was up and looking very lonely as we hardly had any furniture in our place at this point.


Our tree is looking a little less lonely this year. Again, I went to my sister's work Christmas party.


Tree is getting some love from me.


The FIRST year in the 8 years that we had been together at that point that we spent Christmas morning together. We were like two little kids, super anxious to wake up and open our presents. This was the first year we really had presents under a tree for each other. We also went to Dave's work Christmas party at Ubisoft.


Last year, we continued our new tradition of waking up on Christmas morning together, and it was another exciting one! With our tiny tree, it looked like we had so many presents on Christmas morning. We made coffee and opened presents and had a lovely morning before we headed off to my parents house. We also attended Dave's work Christmas party again.

And this year will be just as lovely I am sure! I addressed all my Christmas cards tonight, and now have glitter all over my house from wrapping paper and cards. Which I don't mind one single bit.

What's your favourite part of the holidays?

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