My Sister Got Married!!!

by - November 02, 2014

Yesterday my sister and her beau tied the knot. They did it! It was a whirlwind (year long) romance, a whirlwind engagement, and now, they can settle down together and be a lovely married couple in love. 

Maid of Honour over here.

My date. OOOOOooooo!

This was right before I punched myself and gave myself a fat lip. Like, I did it so hard I made myself bleed. Cool.

The lovely couple! They both looked very happy xoxoxo.

My mom and her siblings. 

Taking a selfie of them taking a selfie.

Krista and her in-laws.

Super cute. Thanks to the wonderfully amazing photog who took this one (me).

Almost dead from starvation. Waiting on dinner.

And that's all folks! They drove off into the night, married. I hope they enjoyed their first night together as a married couple! (gross).

Congratulations again you two! I can't wait to party with you both on NYE (my wedding present to them, stay tuned). 

Have a lovely Sunday friends!

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