2014: A Year in Photographs

by - January 22, 2015

Holy moly! Where the frig has the time gone? The end of/ beginning of the year got away from me. 

But, here I am again, fresh and ready for a new year and what it may bring.

Oh and the plans I have to rule 2015.

Before we jump into the year though, let me take you back to 2014. Through my year in pictures.

I gotta say, 2014 kind of blew. I mean, I don't want to complain too much because in the grand scheme of things, everything is fine. But what a shit year. At least, that's how I feel. I struggled a lot, with a lot of things. So maybe I shouldn't say it sucked, maybe it was a time of growth for me. We'll see. I've yet to see what I have learned from it all.

But let's get to the slideshow yo!

If you want to see past ones, clicky the linky:

And without further ado, 2014: A Year in Photographs

I hope it was a good one for you.

I did wander a lot last year, figuratively and literally. I am happy to say that I didn't get lost, not quite. Except when I wanted to, in forests and in canoes. There will be plenty more of that this year, along with finding my way mentally and physically to a better Kato, to dominate 2015 bitches!

What did you learn from last year? Any major breakthroughs/ breakdowns?

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