Getting Lost

by - March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday once again everyone! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying the slow (but inevitable) buildup to Spring! I know I am. 

I have also calmed down a little in regards to the fact that I lost my job. It's always a huge stress when you don't really know when you are going to get money again. In my case, I applied for EI, and they can take forever getting your money to you. But, oh happy day, they didn't make me wait TOO long, so it's a bit of weight off my shoulders knowing that I will have a regular income coming in again.

And it gives me some breathing room to think about what's next. And those thoughts may lead to big changes, which is always a bit scary, but also exciting! So, stay tuned for the journey, I need all the support I can get!

In the meantime, with the warmer weather showing it's face, Dave and I have been hopping in the car on the weekends and going on adventures.

Which lead us to little stores out in the middle of nowhere. Places that make their own hours and don't need to follow the rules. 

Getting lost and just driving with no real destination has led us to places we have been before, and to many that we haven't! It's neat to just drive and end up somewhere familiar and be like, "that's so weird that THAT way led us here!"

Oh hey there. Just exploring this old ruin from the 13th Century. Yeah right, I wish.

So winter weary and feeling winter heavy. Time to shed the extra layer and let the light in.

Saw the DeLorean out and about today. Pretty neat.

These roads that we take are always so beautiful. I need to apply that to the paths that I take in life and not get so down on myself when I fail at something. Failure teaches us lessons, and I have been ignoring those lessons for a long time. Not this time. I hear you loud and clear universe!

Getting back on track. Feeling less like a train wreck, and more like the old, strong me. So woohoo for that! I think it just took a little sunshine and a lot of reflection (and moping and lying on the couch watching shitty movies for a couple of weeks).

The new chapter is beginning. 

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