Hello March!

by - March 01, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone, but more importantly, happy March 1st! I don't know about you guys, but as a lover of winter it feels strange for me to say (and feel) that I am completely done with the cold and snow, and have been for quite some time now.

So to honour the upcoming season of Spring, here are 10 reasons why I cannot wait for the season to change.

1. Daylight Savings - YES!!! It stays lighter longer, what else can I say? Next weekend (March 8), it's time to change those clocks!

2. Changing of the seasons - there is just something about the changing of the seasons that I love so much. It's invigorating and inspires me creatively.

3. Spring rain - what can possibly be better than spring rain (I mean, besides a really good thunderstorm)? It melts the dirty snow and grows the pretty flowers. Sold.

4. Fruit comes back into season - possibly my favourite on this list. Fruit starts tasting good again, and stops costing an arm and a leg! Yay!

5. Putting away those bulky winter clothes - if you live in a place that has stupidly frigid winters (like I do), then you will completely understand this one. No explanation needed.

6. Going on long drives - It's amazing to hop in your car and go for a drive just to look at the scenery, and listen to music with the windows rolled down. I can stare at that pretty spring green all day. It's a nice change from the winter white!

7. Being outside - That's pretty much it. Being outside more, enjoying the grass and the trees and flowers. Spring is an explosion of colour and smells that I look forward to every year. Despite my allergies.

8. Cooking outside - Less dishes. Beer. 

9. Sitting on patios - even though it's still kind of chilly at night, the ones who just can't wait to sit on a patio and drink beer (me), do it anyway. Preferably wrapped in blankets. This one right here is my dream patio.

10. Starting new - why not use a new season to start something new in your life? Take a class, make a fresh start. Change what you don't like, along with the change of the season. Why not?

And on that note, I hope you are all surviving the end of winter, only 20 more days until Spring so hang in there! 

What are your favourite things about Spring?

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