When Life Hands You Lemons....

by - April 17, 2015

Oh wow. Apparently I am super angry about how large this strawberry is. I'm not sure why I had such a mean look on my face, but there you have it.

Also, hello friends! It's been a teeny while, hasn't it? It's Spring, which means that allergies are starting to knock me off my ass, but who cares boring blah blah.

Yum. Or are they? I feel like the very first time I tried these, maybe around 3 years ago, I thought they were SOOOOO delicious, and now every time I eat them I'm like why did I spend $3 (per macaron) for something that just tastes like air in my mouth? I'm so conflicted.

Although this black one (flavour was vanilla) made my soul happy. I like eating black things (insert pervy comment here).

Because black things make your tongue look like this!

Following the black trend, I also bought this cheese, which was super aged and delicious. I only really like cheese that is so old it feels like it is cutting your tongue off. Because it's sharp, get it?

Plus it looked really cool when you cut into it.

This one has been by my side non-stop lately. We are in bed, her favourite time ever.

She really likes watching her stories at the end of the night. I was watching a YouTube video...her current fave is Trisha Paytas.

She will cut you if you try to get her away from her man. She looks like a demon!

I got to finally meet Jess' baby boy Will! Oh my god he is so frigging cute I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was such a special day, and I got to have my baby fix and then give him back when I was done....perfect.

Before I got my hair done.

After. Funny story, I had been awake for 30 hours when I took this picture. I was dying.

Last weekend we drove to a super fancy restaurant in Cambridge to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. I can't believe she is 60...I know it's young, but still. I remember her at 35, clearly. I was 10. Holy cow!

The room that we were put in at the restaurant overlooked the Grand River which was so nice: it was as if you were sitting right on top of it. Many jokes were cracked about how I should go and have myself a drink. See blog post here for more details.

She had a great time. Old friends and family usually create an atmosphere of awesomeness so I am glad that everyone came.

I got a letter from my best friend a couple of days ago. We haven't written to each other since we were about, oh....12? It made my day so much. We used to be epic letter writers back in the day. We would write around 15 pagers to each other, with stickers and pictures that we would draw to each other, and holy crap it brought back a flood of memories. She is in Port Hardy, B.C right now, working on a fishing boat (my little adventurer!), so what better time to start writing letters again? Makes me stupidly happy.

Along with her letter, she also sent me this Cool Ranch Doritos pouch. These used to be our thing when we were young ones...so awesome. I almost cried!

So of course I went right out and bought a gazillion fun stickers. I just need crayons and I am set! Be prepared for it Ciara, be very prepared!!!

I bought this notebook because well, look at it. It's magnificent. Plus, I wanted a notebook and a pen to throw into my purse so that when I am waiting for things or sitting in the car, I can pull this out and write random crap, instead of always grabbing my phone or my iPad. Why not be creative instead? I need a break from all forms of social media I think. 

That's kind of what I have been up to the past couple of weeks. I have been continuing my schooling and working very hard at that as well. Some life decisions have been made, so all in all, things are looking up.

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