London Calling

by - June 19, 2015

Hey there friends! This past weekend was my nephew's 2nd birthday party in London, so my sister and I hopped in the car, drove for two hours, and voila! Cute nephew fun times.

By the way (bee tee dubs), this candle is EVERYTHING. I have never smelled something so good in my life. And for $15 (!), it better last forever man.

Awww. There we are. It's been a while.

After the party I went for a walk on this golf course right across from my brother's house. It was such a gorgeous night and very peaceful. Nature is my best friend.

My brother sent me through the brush to see the stream. Yeah, this is as close as I got. It was a jungle in there.

James' Great Wolf Lodge ears. 

Happy birthday not so baby boy!

And then back to my parents for some down time and hang outs. And sleep. Lots of that happened.

Sorry so short guys! I hope everyone is well and happy and full of summer fun times.

Happy Friday!

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