Canoeing the Grand 2015

by - August 08, 2015

So this post is a couple (a few maybe?) weeks old. Jeez. Where does the time go? I took Dave on a canoe trip for his birthday in July, and it was awesome. We had been canoeing a couple of times before (see those posts here, here, and here), but this time we decided to go for broke and do a 20KM canoe trip. It was intense, but a lot of fun. Scroll down for my vlog of the entire day!


Oh god the brown hair. It has since been rectified.


It was a perfect day for it. Hot though. Very hot.

You don't feel it on the water though. It's nice and breezy and beautiful. Hence why I got the WORST SUNBURN OF MY LIFE DESPITE APPLYING SUNSCREEN.

Happy birthday Dave!

Ooooo we are rebellious. You aren't supposed to drink beer while canoeing with the company we go with. We say eff you to that!

An awesome day was had by the both of us. 

I guess I missed that part of my leg with the sunscreen. Oops. No I am not hairy by the way, it's dirt. Cool.

Anyways, enjoy my vlog of the day. It's a good one!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned for our trip to Montreal, it was an emotional and pretty fun couple of days.

Love yous!!

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