Long Overdue...I'm Still Here!

by - November 04, 2015

Hello there friends!! It's been a while I know. Sometimes we need to take breaks from things to deal with this little thing called life, and I am happy to say that the level has been conquered! 

As some of you may know, my mother was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and was scheduled for a full hysterectomy on September 1st. I went to stay with my folks for five weeks to help her get better.

Surgery is scheduled WAY too early in the morning I tell you.

And waiting is brutal.

Still smiling before surgery!

The waiting for her to get out of surgery was worse than waiting for her to go in. Thankfully my brother brought my nephew to the hospital and he kept us entertained.

Surgery was not exactly a success. She was only supposed to go in for a laparoscopic, meaning they make a few tiny little cuts and robot arms go in and do their magic, therefore making the recovery easier. But because of some complications, and the doctor cutting into her bowels by accident (sigh...not even going to get into that part), she had to be cut from the top of her belly to the top of her pubic bone. P.S- if you can't look at what someone's belly looks like after it has been cut in to, don't scroll down any further.

Because of the hospitals "error", at least she got her own room. My poor, out-of-it hero!

My job was to keep the house clean, my dad and I fed, the dogs walked and fed (and the cats, although not walked), and once my mother came home, to be her 24-hour nurse.

It was exceptionally hot, and we got some wicked storms.

Thankfully Tim Horton's came out with their pumpkin spiced iced cappuccino. Worked well to keep me cool and had me looking forward to Fall!

Bailey the dog was my moms other 24-hour nurse. It was seriously adorable.

Over 40 staples. Jesus. For anyone who has had to take care of an ailing parent, you know what I mean when I say that it is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. And no, none of this is about me. It's about it being a terrible thing to have to see your parent that way, unable to do what had been normal before. Amazingly, she is well on her way to being A-OK! She is still healing, but so much better. A few rounds of radiation later, and she is almost back to normal. Now we just make sure none of it comes back.

Dave of course was amazing. He held down the fort and came to visit any of the weekends I couldn't make it home. He brought my aunt up to take my place when I needed a break at home, and was an all around angel. My parents live two hours away, and he would drive four hours every Friday and Sunday to bring me home for a rest. Love him.

Once I was home for good, it was time to embrace October and all things Fall, and rest up with my little family. It was good to be home.

One day when I felt like baking up a storm because I ALWAYS want to bake in colder months, I looked outside and it was snowing! I was so deliriously happy. This week it's mostly 20C. Stupid weather this year.

Went out and celebrated my sister's 40th birthday and my best friend John's 34th birthday. The only picture taken from that night was my drink at Jack Astor's (where I had THE BEST nachos). You'll have to just picture the mounds of baked goods and wine and popcorn also consumed to commemorate the day. My drink was nothing special by the way. A lot of bells and whistles but not much for deliciousness.

And of course, HALLOWEEN! My friends Di and James had a party and it was a blast! Di does not do Halloween half-assed. I carved this pumpkin for the festivities (I used a stencil...I can't pretend like I'm good).

Dave was not feeling the best. What a sad sack cow.

There was a projector set up that was AWESOME. 

And now, as winter approaches and the hibernating begins, there will be plenty of blankets and cats who want to cuddle. I am job hunting once again, so keep your fingers crossed I find something decent!

I'm glad this post is done. It was causing a road block in my mind. Thanks for reading my friends!

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