December at A Glance

by - December 30, 2015

Oh December. You have become the busiest month of my life. As I am sure it is for many many people out there. Since I got a job at the beginning of the month, it made it seem even busier than normal. Not complaining though!

I always make my rounds to friends houses, usually at the end of November/ early December, because I know how busy it will get. And this is my kick off of the holiday festivities, where drinking and eating and watching Home Alone occurs in abundance.

John was my first stop.

I also got my hair done, thank the blonde gods!

December has also become my month to get my polycythemia treatment. I needed this phlebotomy badly, I was feeling like poop at this point, so I got my 'tune-up' and was ready to go!

I ordered this phone case in the beginning of November and waited for it (im)patiently, with it being completely worth it. It still makes me happy every time it rings. God I am a nerd.

Because it has been cold (although pretty darn tropical for snow and warm!!), cats have been wanting to cuddle more than usual. Of course, because he is her world, Pandorah loves her cuddles with Dave. Those feet though.

Christmas set up! It wouldn't be complete without a 'fire' and stockings.

We got a light dusting of snow early on which I was VERY excited about, and then....nothing. It was literally 10C on Christmas day or something stupid like that. And then yesterday we had a huge storm and I had to be out in it the next day and I absolutely hated it. Sigh....I am a true Canadian.

The holidays wouldn't be the same without a quick visit to my favourite Christmas house (and street!).

I was able to squeeze in a too-quick visit with Jessi and Rob and the kiddies, and it was lovely as usual. I've learned that I have the ability to sleep through anything when I visit Jess. It must be the country air/ my extreme laziness. We did do our yearly tradition of seeing the lights in Owen sound! I love it, I'll never get sick of it. It's even more fun with the kidlets!

Jess, Will, and Jackson.

OH BOY. I have become OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works. Lord help my delicious smelling soul. The Twisted Peppermint scent is the SHIIIITTTTTT. I pretty much got this entire scent line for Christmas. I smell superb, as does my house.

The tree is always a new toy for her to try and destroy. Every year.

Somewhere in December, I found time to make ugly Christmas sweater gingerbread cookies. All that work and they were gone in no time.


Oh right! And then it was my birthday. 36 glorious years on this planet. FML.

Dave did excellently this year in the cake department.

Of course I forgot to take pictures of Christmas, but I'm here to tell you that it happened! It did! It was wonderful and loud and full of family and food and all the good things that the holiday should be about.

I hope you all had a wonderful December and that you are all ready for the new year!

You are all amazing.

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